Get A Full Featured e-Commerce Web Site for $500

Details: This is a full featured e-commerce solution featuring Paypal Standard payment gateway.

Includes robust content management system with administration.
Unlimited Products!! - : Add as many products as you like. - We will add up to 5 of them for you.
Unlimted Content - VERY simple interface for adding more content.
Slideshow features and product lightbox popups included.

Web statistics (awStats program) built into the administration of the site (web hosting environment support required for this feature)

You never have to pay a web designer to make minor changes to your site. Make edits yourself in seconds

SSL encryption setup is included, but any fees associated with SSL from your hosting company are independent of this.
Hosting fees and domain registration are NOT included, but you may choose any hosting service that you like or we can recommend a hosting company

(expect to pay around  $90 - $100/year for hosting.
SSL encryption typically runs $50-$80/year, oftentimes SSL comes with your hosting package depending on your hosting company.
SSL may not be needed if your only payment gateway is Paypal Standard)


Additional Options:

  • Additional payment gateways like or Paypal Pro :     $100/ea
  • We add additional products for you :                      $4/ea   (again, adding them yourself is easy, unlimited and free)
  • If you want the site customized beyond simple change of main background color (this includes but is not limited to custom logo design)  :    $30/hour